2010 Highlights

2010 Conference Highlights

Thank you for a GREAT day!

Video: Texas Women Rock!

Our attendees said it best—Texas Women Rock!

The 2010 Texas Conference for Women was one of the best ever! Whether you participated as an attendee, volunteer, speaker, exhibitor or sponsor, we thank you for your time, your energy and your enthusiasm! See photo highlights



Mentor Match participants: 150+
Free resume critiques: 500+
Volunteers: 150
Young Women’s Program participants: 300


Post Conference ImageMARK YOUR CALENDARS FOR 2011

12th Annual Texas Conference for Women
November 17, 2011
George R. Brown Convention Center
Houston, TX



Operation HomefrontWe are proud to have partnered for the first time this year with Operation Homefront of Texas, a non-profit organization that provides emergency financial and resource assistance to families of military service members in Texas. Thanks to your incredible generosity, Operation Homefront of Texas received 162 toys and almost $3,000 in gift cards and cash donations. Read how your gifts are already making a difference

If you would like to donate to Operation Homefront of Texas, you may send toys or gifts (gifts should not be wrapped and should have a price range of $5 to $15), gift cards (range of $10 to $20) or cash donations to:

Operation Homefront of Texas
10157 IH 35 North, Suite A
San Antonio, Texas 78233

You may also make an online donation, as well as learn more about Operation Homefront of Texas, by visiting their website at www.operationhomefront.net/texas



The 11th Annual Texas Conference for Women is held in downtown Houston with some pretty big names
KPRC Houston
Nov. 10, 2010

Girl Power Grows Up
CultureMap Houston
Nov. 11, 2010

Need a job? Turn your hobby into one!
ABC 13, KTRK Houston
Nov. 10, 2010



Rebound and Recover: Tips from Experts
by Gaila Gichon

Galia GichonI was part of the personal finance panel at the Texas Conference for Women last week, and more than 700 attended our panel. For the first time, I had a speaker on my panel that was not a personal finance expert, Tina Pennington, co-author with her sister, Mandy Williams, of “What I Learned About Life When My Husband Got Fired”. Their book is a firsthand account of Tina’s financial situation when her husband was fired and how her sister helped her get into tip-top financial shape. The other speakers included April Benson Ph.D., an esteemed money therapist and author of “To Buy OR Not To Buy,” and Charlotte Stallings, a dynamic personal finance speaker in Houston, who is coming out with her new book in December. Here were my take aways for Rebounding and Recovering strategies. [read more]


Angels Among Us
Houston Ground Angels, founded by Kathy Broussard

Kathy BroussardPeople in and around Houston have grown accustomed to having just about anything they can think or dream of close at hand, from more jobs than any other place in the country, to shopping and activities, but most of all one of the finest and most advanced medical centers in the world. Those who live outside of metropolitan Houston do not have these opportunities, and, therefore, must find their way to this Oil Mecca. Yet, the majority of those who come to Houston from around the Lone Star State do so seeking medical care. [read more]


Breaking Up is Hard to Do
by Charlotte Stallings
Charlotte StallingsNo, I’m not talking about relationships – I mean ‘breaking up’ with the bad habits we may have, especially when it comes to spending.
Everyday I struggle with old, bad habits while trying to make healthy food and lifestyle choices.  And sometimes the old, bad “snap-spending” (I could buy something quicker than you can snap your fingers) habit sneaks up on me too.   It becomes very easy to justify an extra purchase especially since “we’ve all been tightening the belt” for awhile. [read more]


Teamwork: How to Turn Your Vision Into Reality
By Amilya Antonetti

Amilya AntonettiIt was great meeting so many motivated women at the Texas Conference for Women this year. From solo entrepreneurs to women leading huge teams, we were all there to do one thing —share our ideas, our contacts and our experiences. Now that we are home again, it’s time to think about who you met on that wonderful day. In my career I have learned that success starts with a team that shares a vision. Then the next step is to focus on HOW you will make that vision reality and call together your teammates. [read more]


RED & BLACK … Did we pick the right panelist?
By Tina Pennington (aka “Red”) and Mandy Williams (aka “Black”)

Congratulations. You held your own on the finance panel – sitting amongst the experts.

Well, I thought it amusing that as the panel’s host you only had to introduce the session and our moderator and then were off the hook. You’re the one with the M.B.A. and the financial expertise! I’m the full-time mom with a theater degree I never used. [read more]


7 Strategies for the Intentionally Resilient Leader
By Redia Anderson

Redia AndersonLet’s face it, no matter who you are and where you are on your life’s journey, s_ _ _ _t happens! You probably think I can’t spell, but stay with me. What I’m saying is that shift happens. Things shift, places shift, our metabolism shifts, relationships shift. Often we’re left reacting and responding to circumstances that we feel we have little to no control over. Sound familiar? [read more]



Thank you to our Sponsors! If you’d like to learn more about sponsoring the 2011 Conference, please contact Lisa Alonge at [email protected].





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“No matter how long you have been in business or what you do for a living, it is always good to step back, take a deep breath and listen to what someone else has to say about things. I always come away with ‘something.”


“It was inspiring to hear the speakers and opened my eyes to making changes without feeling overwhelmed and afraid to take chances. I’m feeling really good about myself after listening to the speakers at the sessions I attended.”


“The Conference was incredibly inspiring. I only wish I could attend four times a year to keep the momentum!”


“As a student, I felt empowered and inspired by professional women. It made me excited to join the work force and become a professional woman.”