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2016 Speaker Highlights

best-of-200We went through 2016 attendee evaluations and our own web metrics to compile this list of 2016’s most-loved speakers, sessions and teleclasses (posted online as podcasts).

We hope you find some downtime as 2016 rolls into 2017 to watch, listen and enjoy!

Top Keynote Speeches of 2016:

» Amal Clooney & Carroll Bogert

» Diane von Furstenberg

» Annie Clark

Top Breakout Sessions of 2016:

»  Living with Intent: Your Guide for Moving From Action to Outcome –with Mallika Chopra and Colette Pierce Burnette

»  Retire with Enough Money: Strategies for Making Your Money Last – with Teresa Ghilarducci and Mercedes Garcia

»  The Confidence Divide: Closing the Gap to Achieve Career Success  with Grace Killelea and Retired Major General Mary Saunders 

»  Are You Ready to be Self-Made? – with Nely Galán and Norine Yukon

»  Creating a Life Balance Groove – with Christine Carter and Heather White

Top Podcasts of 2016:

»  Broadcasting Happiness: Simple, Proven Strategies to Increase Happiness at Work — with Michelle Gielan

»  Increase Your Productivity with the Secret Power of Visual Note Taking — with Heather Willems

»  Make Your Next Move with Confidence — with Jenny Blake