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Roundtable 9 | Adapting to Change & Measuring Success in Your Social Media Outreach

Speaker: Amy Loesch, VP, consumer marketing, RetailMeNot The social media landscape is rapidly changing. In this fast-paced environment, how do you keep your social media efforts effective and on the cutting edge? From leveraging influencers to harnessing new advances such as Facebook Live and vertical video, consumer marketer Amy Loesch will lead a discussion on the latest trends and how to measure success to make social an integral part of … [ more ]

Roundtable 8 | Using Social Media to Sell More Efficiently

Speaker: Brandy Pham, co-founder and CCO, Planoly and founder, BrandyPham Jewelry Using social media to brand your business and sell online is nothing new, but what if you could create those posts and make those sales in less time? Jewelery designer Brandy Pham saw the need for a tool to help e-commerce-based businesses streamline their social media and created an app to make it happen on Instagram. Come learn about … [ more ]

Roundtable 7 | Profitable Social Media

Speaker: Jena Apgar, digital and social media marketer, & founder, Most of us use social media for some sort of professional marketing or selling. Whether you are a professional selling your experience or brand through LinkedIn or Facebook or an entrepreneur building your business on Instagram or Pinterest, we are all looking for ROI on our social media efforts. But, what is the high value social media that will … [ more ]

Roundtable 6 | Build Your Brand through Social Media

Speaker: Lauren Modery, founder, Hipstercrite Brands used to be just for businesses. Now the key to career longevity is creating new opportunities, embracing challenges and treating yourself as a brand – define your message and expertise, be social, build real relationships, and the elevation of your career or business will begin. This interactive roundtable discussion will explore the powerful ways in which social media networks can help establish your brand … [ more ]

Roundtable 5 | Using Instagram to Communicate Your Brand

Speaker: Elayna Fernandez, author, mentor & founder, The Positive MOM Instagram has become the app of choice for many looking to promote their business, blog or passion. Find out how to use this image based social network to connect and engage personally and professionally. Whether you are corporate, small business or a non-profit, you will leave inspired with ideas on how to propel your work forward. Be sure to bring … [ more ]

Roundtable 4 | Video vs. Print: How Online Video is Catching the Audience’s Attention

Speaker: Kelly Wonderlin, digital lifestyle enthusiast and co-owner, Horns Illustrated When you use video on your website, you have a powerful tool that can increase the popularity of your web pages. Whether you want to sell your product, share your knowledge or increase page views, digital expert Kelly Wonderlin will share how you can incorporate video to create a dynamic web site that attracts and keeps visitors.  

Roundtable 3 | How to Maximize your Blog’s Reach

Speaker: Brenda Ray Coffee, founder, 1010ParkPlace Blogging gives you a platform to present your voice to the world — attend this roundtable and learn how to find your voice! Attendees will learn the basic tools you need to get started and learn how to build traffic and attract readers. Together you will explore tips for maximizing your blog’s reach to help you build your business or charity and spread the … [ more ]

Roundtable 2 | Top Tweet Tips

Speaker: Carla Birnberg, author, What You Can When You Can: Healthy Living on Your Terms Growing your career or business requires that you elevate your profile and expand your network. Twitter can help you achieve both. It lets others know your expertise and enables you to connect to the industry influencers who can help you grow. Carla Birnberg will guide you through best practices to keep up with the latest … [ more ]

Roundtable 1 | Maximizing Social Media in the Job Search

Speaker: Kimberly O’Connor, technology evangelist and director, human capital management applications, Oracle Studies have shown that approximately 80% of job seekers turn to social media to search for a new job, but if LinkedIn is not your choice of platform, how do you use utilize social in this process? Whether you are looking for top talent or searching for a job, you’ll want to leverage social media. Join this roundtable with job … [ more ]

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