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Roundtable 8 | Run a Smarter Multichannel Social Campaign

Social media offers unprecedented opportunities to define and build your brand. But each social channel is unique, and a cookie-cutter approach just won’t cut it. How can you create consistency across multiple platforms and leverage different channels to support your message? Lisa Pearson, CEO of Umbel, which specializes in increasing customer engagement, will share which channels are ideal for your message and how to target the right audiences. Speaker: Lisa … [ more ]

Roundtable 7 | Maximizing Social Media in the Job Search

Studies have shown that approximately 80 percent of job seekers turn to social media to search for a new job. Whether you are looking for top talent or searching for a job, you’ll want to leverage social media. Join this roundtable with personal branding expert Maddie Highsmith to discuss the latest trends for finding your next job or attracting the right talent through digital technology. By using social and mobile … [ more ]

Roundtable 6 | How to Create Compelling Web Content

Websites capture interest with content that is informative, challenging, amusing, and provocative without taking it too far—a tough ask in this competitive space. This session will walk you through the process of creating website content that meets your business goals AND attracts customers. From determining your unique value proposition and ideal customer personas to mapping out a site structure, this session will help you determine what content needs to be … [ more ]

Roundtable 5 | Create Influence with Instagram

Instagram has become the app of choice for many looking to promote their business, blog, or passion. Find out how to use this image-based social network to connect and engage personally and professionally. Whether you are corporate, small business, or a nonprofit, you will leave inspired with ideas on how to propel your work forward. Be sure to bring your smartphone and be ready to dive in! Speaker: Connie Gomez, … [ more ]

Roundtable 4 | Leverage your Social Media to Impact Traditional Media

Social media is the primary hub for many PR efforts as both the content you post and the content others post on social can generate media coverage for your brand or business. How do you take it one step further and inspire the traditional media to cover your story? Emmy-award winner Gaby Natale will share her suggestions for getting the attention of overworked and overwhelmed media professionals. Whether you are … [ more ]

Roundtable 3 | Turn your Blog into Your Business

You love blogging about your passion and have built a following. Your blog has started to build traffic, attract new readers and is receiving increasing attention. So, how do you take the next step to monetize your content and create an actual business? This roundtable will explore your options from sponsored content and affiliate programs to advertising sales so that you can make the transition without losing your readers’ trust. … [ more ]

Roundtable 2 | Video 101: The Ultimate Guide to Creating Social Video that Drives Results

With eight billion views every day, social video is becoming an essential, non-negotiable tool for us to connect with our audiences and customers as creatives, bloggers, and businesses. In this session, VideoPop founder Andrea Corson will teach you how social video can help your brand, blog, or business (no matter the size of your budget!), which platforms are right for you, and the tools and strategies needed to create effective … [ more ]

Roundtable 1 | Snapchat: Use This “Living in the Moment” App to Brand Your Business

Snapchat reaches more than 40 percent of 18-to-34-years-olds in the U.S. on a daily basis, so there is no doubt that to be a savvy social media marketer, you need to be using this tool. But how do you promote yourself or your business on this disappearing media app? Join this roundtable to get familiar with this platform, explore marketing and branding stories from organizations utilizing this tool, and learn … [ more ]

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