Carol McGarah

Carol McGarah, Blackridge CEO, has worked in and around the Texas Legislature since 1991.  Since 2001 she has represented several Fortune 500 companies before the state legislature and regulatory bodies and is well-known and regarded for her experience and knowledge of various topics including: economic development, education, energy, environmental issues, financial institutions, IT, and transportation.

Previously, McGarah served as the Committee Director of the powerful Senate Natural Resources Committee.  During her 10 years with this committee she established solid relationships with key members of the legislature and various environmental agencies, and developed a thorough knowledge of Texas’ air, energy, water, and waste issues.

McGarah dedicated countless hours to the preparation and passage of groundbreaking pieces of state water management legislation, including Senate Bill 1 in the 75th Legislative Session and Senate Bill 2 in the 77th Legislative Session.

McGarah was also instrumental in the conception, development and passage of SB 5 in the 75th Legislature, which created the Texas Emissions Reduction Program.  This program has served as a model for numerous other states across the country, and has been a vital component in assisting Texas meet the Federal Air Quality Standards.