Last Year Attendee, This Year Speaker

Freeney, VernettasmLast year I attended the Texas Conference for Women as a volunteer and a member of the social media street team. I knew it was the go-to conference in the state, not only to listen to and meet amazing women, but also to connect with some as well. Fast forward one year later, and I’m a speaker! I’m so excited to share how to market your blog with the attendees at a Social Media Roundtable. I have learned a few tricks to make it easier to get your blog to your intended market, and that’s what I will share. Read More

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Why I’m Going Back to the Texas Conference for Women

crowd photo escalatorLast year I attended the Texas Conference for Women for the first time. I attended alone, taking the plunge into the unknown, certain that I couldn’t go wrong in a convention center filled with 5,000+ other women.

I walked in the doors not sure what to expect. Based on the schedule and everything I had read online, I knew it was going to be a phenomenal day. Even my most optimistic expectations were exceeded by the learning, inspiration, and thought-provoking conversations I experienced throughout the day. Read More

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Press Release: Rachael Ray, Delia Ephron, Jenny Lawson, Others to Speak at Texas Conference for Women

July 24, Austin, TX – The Texas Conference for Women today announced that celebrity chef, author and businesswoman Rachael Ray, along with Delia Ephron, author, playwright and screenwriter, and Jenny Lawson, founder, The Bloggess and author of the New York Times bestseller Let’s Pretend This Never Happened, and Holly Gordon, executive producer of the groundbreaking film Girl Rising, will appear at this year’s Conference, to be held at the Austin Convention Center on November 19, 2013.  The lineup of renowned speakers also includes Esmeralda Santiago, award-winning author and filmmaker, diversity expert Vernā Myers, author of What if I Say the Wrong Thing?, Sophie Uliano, best-selling author of Gorgeously Green, and Bob Beaudine, CEO Eastman & Beaudine, and author of The Power of Who. These speakers are among the 100+ to be featured at this year’s Conference. Read More

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Who Is Driving Your Career? May “Office Hours” Recap

What is it that you love about your current job, what are you really good at, and what sparks your passion? In the first episode of our new online radio show “Office Hours,” host Samantha Ettus and featured guest Darlene Templeton discussed how women can become their own best advocates and leverage their skills and experience to meet specific career goals. Read More

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Leading Innovation and Increasing Creativity: Marla Capozzi

Marla CapozziInnovation remains an important priority for enterprises small and large as well as a major driver of our economic prosperity, if not even more important than ever.  As a result, individuals and leaders continuously seek to increase creative output and improve innovation results.  Yet we find ourselves, especially as women, mired in the never-ending search for continuous improvement – those elusive productivity gains allowing us to maximize our time and how we allocate this precious resource.  Efficiency and effectiveness are top of mind for many of us daily, and on some days may feel like hourly. Read More

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How to Find Your Way When You’re Lost at Work: Christie Mims

Christie MimsWhat do you do when you’ve lost your way at work? (And desperately need a new plan for the future!)

A lot of times, our work is … fine.  Things are going well enough that we don’t look too deeply or ask too many questions of ourselves, and shamefully leave the TV channel set to The Real Housewives. Read More

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How Was Your Mom a Role Model for Your Career?

In honor of Mother’s Day, we asked our conference community

How was/is your mother a role model for your career?

Following are some of our favorite responses. Add yours in the comments!

Mother's Day quote

She taught me “Never say can’t. Tell me you don’t want to. Tell me you don’t know how and I’ll show you. But never say ‘can’t’.” Read More

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24 Things You can Do with Social Media to Get into College (or put your best foot forward)!

Gina CarrollsmSpeaker: Gina Carroll, blogger and author, 24 Things You Can Do with Social Media to Help Get into College

Colleges have now embraced social media as an important tool in the admissions process. They are also using sites like Facebook to uncover unsavory information about candidates. This session illustrates ways that you can use social media to explore, attract and connect with colleges in a positive way. Learn how to create an online presence that allows schools to see your strengths and attributes. We also explore tools how to turn a potentially negative outcome (like getting turned down by your college of choice because of your social media content) into an optimal one by creating a positive social media presence. Even if you are not college bound, this session offers practical tools for building a social media presence that is invaluable to your job search and life.

Host: Dahna L. Hull, President & General Manager, Retail Sales & Service, AT&T Mobility South Texas

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Teleclass Recap—Building Your Business with Melinda Emerson

Everyone has good ideas, but making the leap from corporate America to small business ownership can be overwhelming. If you want to succeed as your own boss, there are some questions that need answers!

Small business expert Melinda Emerson presented an information-packed, 30-minute teleclass exclusively for the Conference for Women on Tuesday, January 22. Scroll down to listen to the recording and to find out:

Is your business idea solid?
Do you have the right skill set?
Who is going to buy from you and why?
How much money do you need to start?
Are you fit to work from home? Read More

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What People Are Saying About the 2012 Texas Conference for Women

Many attendees and speakers blogged about their experience at the Oct. 24 Texas Conference for Women and shared takeaways from the day. Here are just a few:

Top 10 motivational quotes from the Texas Conference for Women, CultureMap Austin Read More

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