Own Your Niche-Online Brand Audit Part 2

Morra Aarons Mele, founder of Women Online, offers advice on how to “own your niche” to get a professional online presence. Many thanks to Women Online and NEXT for Women for this three-part video series on online branding!

Download action steps to Own Your Niche

See Online Brand Audit Part 1: “Own Your Name”

If you’re working on your online brand, website or blog and have some questions, bring them to the Texas Conference for Women for your personal 20-minute, on-site mentoring session with one of three online marketing experts!

Julie Pippert (@jpippert)
Gina Carroll (@MaDonnaNegra)
Tanya Tarr (@nerdette)

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Emotional Fitness: How many calories does that burn, again?—Jess Weiner

by Jess Weiner

My relationship with exercise has enjoyed a long and windy road.

When I was a little girl, I could play for hours outside, my sweaty hair matted down on my forehead and completely content from climbing trees, playing kickball or swimming in someone’s pool. Read More

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Stop What You’re Doing!—Nina Godiwalla

by Nina Godiwalla

For all you professional multitaskers with short attention spans! Here are three easy ways you can slow down to speed-up. Read More

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Looking Up—Dr. James Beckerman

by James Beckerman, M.D.

As health care providers, we have an opportunity to communicate our recommendations in ways that empower and inspire our patients, rather than intimidate them. Part of that motivation is helping people realize that by choosing a healthier lifestyle, they are in a position to constantly reinvent themselves, rediscover what they can accomplish and open up opportunities to set and achieve new goals. Read More

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What I Learned From Breast Cancer—Patti Gras

by Patti Gras

Two years ago around this time, I was going through radiation for breast cancer. I called the technicians doing it the boob paparazzi! I described the process as an intense photography of my breasts. It was no laughing matter, but I had to make myself laugh at least once a day as part of my therapy. Read More

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Using LinkedIn to Grow Your Small Business

Thanks to everyone who joined our teleclass with Nicole Williams, Connection Director of LinkedIn, and Tory Johnson, CEO of Women For Hire and Spark & Hustle and workplace contributor on “Good Morning America.”

Nicole and Tory shared tips everyone can use to make the most of their presence on LinkedIn, especially small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Listen to the Teleclass: 5 Ways to Find Customers Using LinkedIn Read More

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Join Us for a Free Call with LinkedIn on Sept. 27

The Texas Conference for Women is excited to join forces with LinkedIn to help thousands of women make connections and get action-based advice on how to take their careers to the next level. Read More

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Six Steps to Renew Goals and Stay Focused–Divya Gugnani

by Divya Gugnani

One of the biggest faults with the working world today is our inability to focus. On occasion, we find ourselves cluttered, chaotic and stressed out. It hurts our business, our social life and occasionally our personal life as well. The best way to deconstruct those faults and move forward? Renew your goals! These six steps will explain the process of moving forward with your career and lifestyle, to refresh your ideals and smooth out the wrinkles in your day-to-day business. Read More

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Fast Fix: 5 Favorite Links for Renewal

by Tammy Tibbetts

I’m not the type to find mind-and-body balance with yoga; I’d rather be pounding the pavement on a mile run. Being in the start-up phase of a non-profit doesn’t allow time and budget for many rejuvenating vacations, either, but at this point in my life, that’s OK — honestly, for me, a good Windexing of my desktop and recycling of the excess papers piling up can make me feel more mentally organized. So what I’ve gotten really good at is finding renewal in hidden places, like within the links that cross my Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr news feeds — they remind me to stop and appreciate the wonders of life, even when it’s a whole lot of work! Read More

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