The Instinct-Driven Entrepreneur: Plan for an Evolution

Monica-Methasm1-120x162The daughter of self-made immigrants, our speaker Monica Mehta learned firsthand how the lessons learned in business school don’t mesh with those of the instinct-driven entrepreneur, who must learn to plan for an evolution and thrive on a shoestring.

“It’s not much good having a map if you can’t see the road and don’t even know where you want to go,” said Monica in our free teleclass, August 28. “If evolution is the norm, then the way you prepare for the journey must accommodate the unexpected.” Read More

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Make a Down Payment on Your Dream

Whitney-Johnsonsmby Whitney Johnson

Perhaps you’ve heard Charles Dickens’ aphorism, “Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen and six, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure twenty pounds ought and six, result misery.”

Spend less than we earn – I couldn’t agree more.  But once we’ve achieved this basic principle of money management, then what?  How do we spend our money?  Do we spend in a way that reflects the lives we want to create for ourselves? Read More

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Setting Financial Goals to Create the Life You Want

Many people believe that taking steps to reach their financial goals is something that they will do “later.” As a money coach for women, sometimes I hear “I really want you to work with you once I accumulate more money.” Defining financial goals is one of those super important but not urgent tasks, like making a will or buying insurance. We know that these things are very important, but delaying them one more day almost certainly won’t affect our lives today. Read More

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When to Jump from Career to Entrepreneur

tory-johnson-e1309535928864by Tory Johnson, host of the Texas Conference for Women Spark & Hustle Small Business Boot Camp

You’re working full-time at the job you’ve always wanted, but can’t seem to shake the dream of starting your own business. How do you know when it’s time to make the leap? Start by finding your “why.”

In my sixth book, SPARK & HUSTLE: Launch and Grow Your Small Business Now, I share the post-traumatic-pink-slip syndrome I went through after being fired from the position I loved. Read More

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The Ten Commandments of Negotiation for Women

smaller-pynchon-120x131by Victoria Pynchon

Thou Shalt Recognize the Opportunity to Negotiate Something for Thine Own. 

Whenever you have a decision to make with another person – going golfing or the movies, setting a fee, or buying a piece of bruised fruit at a farmers’ market – that’s an opportunity to ask for something more or different. That’s an opportunity to negotiate. Read More

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Do Women Really Need More Tough Love?

smaller-pynchon-120x131by Victoria Pynchon

There’s a lot of good advice over at Women 2.0′s Stop Sabotaging Your Own Success – a Manifesto.

So why does this preface to the Manifesto irritate me?

Friends, and strangers reading this, listen to me:

Stop being your own worst enemy.

Stop being the force that keeps you immobile.

Stop being the cause of failure before you start trying. Read More

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Calling all Dreamers

Kate-Mahon-214x300by Katie Mahon

May is a month when the natural world around us has completed its annual metamorphosis from the dead of winter to the rebirth of spring. Yet, in our high-tech, post modern lives, we can ignore what historically was a strong pull to this annual rejuvenation that nature bestows upon us. The sameness of our days gives way to the sameness in our lives and the rebirth taking place outside our window, while beautiful when we stop and notice, becomes beside the point in our busy schedules. It needn’t be. Bringing the exhilaration of a flowering spring garden into your life, in the spot where just a short time ago there was the dormancy of frozen soil, is as simple as planting the seeds. Read More

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How to Clean Out Your Inbox Without Guilt

lena-west-224x300by Lena West

E-mail is not dead. Just ask TechCrunch king, Michael Arrington. At one point Arrington revealed through his blog that he had over 2,400 unread e-mails in his inbox and another 721 unread messages in his Facebook inbox—well over 3,000 unread messages. What is the world coming to if the technological elite can’t keep up? Read More

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Stress Knot What You Cannot See

by Maria Ebrahimji

It seems somewhat befitting and ironic that the day before I sat down to write this piece, I went to a new massage therapist.

I thought I was going to tell you, in how-to, self-help guide fashion, how I manage stress in my life. (Everyone loves tips, right?). Read More

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Stress Matters

Liz-Pryor-200x300by Liz Pryor

Whether we’re single, married, divorced, have children, don’t have children, work, volunteer, take care of our parents, have health issues, lose our jobs, have to look for work, look for love, whatever it is, we seem to be having a difficult time making the adjustment to the advancement, the accessibility and the change that has come to define how we live in our world today. Read More

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