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Get What You Want by Getting Out of Your Own Way: Podcast

“When we base our happiness on things out of our control, we’re living in insanity and powerlessness.”

 How can we take control when things are difficult, and how can we create the life that we envision? In our free tele-class, author Laura Munson walks us through a series of powerful questions to help raise self-awareness and be able to: Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

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5 Things Holding You Back from Career Transition

There are often 5 big things that hold us back from making a change in our career, and if you can get past them, you’d be amazed at what happens. Click the link below to listen to a 15-minute podcast from career coach Christie Mims to learn more about these fears, and learn a tool that can help you overcome them. The 5 Fears How many of us have felt … [ more ]

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Finding Opportunity in Times of Change

Everything changes, and we all resist change. We all experience adversity that ranges from every day challenges to serious loss. Fortunately, people can grow and adapt. In this session of “Office Hours,” host Samantha Ettus and guest Anne Barry Jolles, MBA, PCC, OT, discussed how to develop resilience, which allows us to live with humor, vitality and optimism during tough times and chaos. Scroll down to read a recap, and … [ more ]

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Inspired By: Tracy Yelencis

“It’s all about competence, collaboration, and delivery.” [ more ]

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The Art of the Cold Call (or Email)

When you hear the words “cold call,” you probably associate them with the words “cold sweat.” Calling someone you don’t know or even sending an introductory email, can be terrifying for even the most expert networker. Of course, a cold call or email isn’t ideal, but it can be necessary.

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Inspired By: Trenesa Stanford Danuser

“Who knows beauty better than a woman?” [ more ]

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Mindfulness as a Career Strategy: Emily Bennington Teleclass Recap

“Are you walking around pretending to have it all together, while your mind is like a shaken snowglobe?” Career author Emily Bennington posed this question in our free May teleclass, “Mindfulness as a Career Strategy: How to Use Centuries-Old Techniques to Enhance Your Leadership Presence Today.” [scroll down to listen to the full teleclass] Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Android | RSS

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Inspired By: Julie Parsley

“Be true to yourself, and follow your goals, but be open to good things that may happen.” [ more ]

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Leading Innovation and Increasing Creativity: Marla Capozzi

Innovation remains an important priority for enterprises small and large as well as a major driver of our economic prosperity, if not even more important than ever.  As a result, individuals and leaders continuously seek to increase creative output and improve innovation results.  Yet we find ourselves, especially as women, mired in the never-ending search for continuous improvement – those elusive productivity gains allowing us to maximize our time and … [ more ]

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How to Find Your Way When You’re Lost at Work: Christie Mims

What do you do when you’ve lost your way at work? (And desperately need a new plan for the future!) A lot of times, our work is … fine.  Things are going well enough that we don’t look too deeply or ask too many questions of ourselves, and shamefully leave the TV channel set to The Real Housewives.

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