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Bias Disruptors

Bias in hiring and in the workplace has been documented extensively. There’s a lot of talk about bias, but what can you as an individual actually do? Former Air Force Captain and co-founder and CEO of Just Work LLC Trier Bryant shares practical strategies that all of us can use to disrupt bias.

Trier Bryant, co-founder and CEO, Just Work LLC @trier

BIPOC Women Lead & Succeed

What does it take to succeed professionally when you are in the minority? From finding an executive sponsor to building community at work, Tracy Feanny shares insights from her own lived experience as a Black Woman in leadership at NI, a global leader in the high tech industry with a deep commitment to a culturally diverse, inclusive workplace where people thrive.

Tracy Feanny, VP, deputy general counsel & assistant secretary for legal, NI @niglobal

Essential Skills for Career Growth & Longevity

As the world of work continues to evolve, the most agile professionals are poised to land new opportunities and grow their careers by embracing the pivot. A pivot allows you to shift to new areas while remaining anchored in your strengths, and it’s becoming a fundamental business skill. In this learning burst, discover why a growth mindset is critical to agility, and how you can develop your cognitive “peripheral vision.”

Deborah Johnson, managing director & chief learning officer, Deloitte Consulting @deloitte

How to Leverage Your College or University in a Job Search

Whether you are a current student or alumnus, you can count on your college or university to boost your job search. Join Danielle’ McGhee of Huston-Tillotson University to learn about leveraging your school’s career resources, including the library, and building your professional network through your college support system.

Danielle’ McGhee, M.L.S., director of library and media services & university archivist, Huston-Tillotson University

The Mythical Reality of Work/Life Balance

For decades, women have sought work/life balance and found it to be a myth. Struggling for this unattainable idea has led to overwork, perfectionism, and even burnout. Samantha Wiseman, senior HRBP Programs Lead at Silicon Labs, shares what she has learned about the mythical reality of work/life balance and offers her tips and tricks on achieving your goals in work and life.

Samantha Wiseman, senior HRBP programs lead, Silicon Labs @siliconlabs

Health & Wellness

Meditation for Moving Through Change

There are a lot of uncertainties in the world right now—especially for people looking for a new job or who are otherwise experiencing a transition. Join yoga & meditation teacher Erinda Martin for a special 5-minute meditation for moving through change mindfully.

Erinda Martin, yoga & meditation teacher @yogawitherinda

Prevention Is Cure

One size does not fit all when it comes to your health and wellness. In this session, board-certified physician and UnitedHealthcare Medical Director Dr. Judi Shaw-Rice will help you understand how to be transparent and communicate with your doctor about preventative care, screenings, and more.

Dr. Judi Shaw-Rice, medical director, UnitedHealthcare @uhc

Prioritize Your Health

Many women put their own physical and mental health aside to take care of the demands of their jobs and families. It’s time to reprioritize yourself and take control of your health. Registered nurse and UHC health services director Michelle Goan shares how you can live a healthier life and reduce your risk of common health issues, including heart disease, the leading cause of death for women.

Michelle Goan, health services director, Star+Plus, UnitedHealthcare @uhc