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The Culture of Tech: How Women are Changing the Rules

As the tech workforce continues its expansive surge, offering its employees numerous opportunities for both personal and professional growth, women still face barriers in their upward trajectory. From limits in leadership positions and an absence of female role models, to pay equity and a lack of venture capital funding, women continue to face numerous challenges. While progress is slow, advancements are being made and women are changing the rules so that there are greater chances of success in male-dominated workplaces. Panelists will share their firsthand experiences and lessons learned while trying to help create a more equitable tech environment.

Thought Leader:

Emily Ramshaw, editor in chief, Texas Tribune


Tamara Fields, managing director, Accenture
Gina Helfrich, Ph.D., co-founder, recruitHER
Carla Piñeyro Sublett, SVP & CMO, Rackspace and board member, TX Conference for Women