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Free Teleclass with Monica Mehta: August 28, 12 pm

Calling all entrepreneurs! Join us for a free teleclass August 28 at 12 pm CST with our speaker, entrepreneur Monica Mehta.

We know you don’t have time to dawdle on decision-making. You’ve got a lot of rapid-fire assumptions to make, and you want to find out how right – or wrong- you were as soon as possible.

2012 Texas Conference for Women speaker Monica Mehta will help make you just the sort of instinct-driven entrepreneur who sells products before they exist and finds shortcuts to market. On August 28 at 12 PM CST, the author, investor and small business expert will host a teleconference where you’ll learn how to work your network and trade your time for big savings. Speaking from 15 years of experience as an advisor to hundreds of entrepreneurs, Monica will teach you to be the kind of entrepreneur who doesn’t spend a dime until her imagination has been exhausted.

Monica is currently a Managing Partner at New York-based investment firm Seventh Capital and a regular columnist for Bloomberg Business Week. She serves as a financial expert for Fox News, Fox Business, ABC News Now and MSNBC, and her book, “The Entrepreneurial Instinct: How Everyone Has the Innate Ability to Start a Successful Small Business,” will be released in September 2012.

In short, Monica is the go-to expert for all things entrepreneurial. This Wharton School graduate will ensure that you thrive on a shoestring budget – you don’t want to miss the chance to ask her your questions! Call her on August 28 at 12 PM and maximize your entrepreneurial instincts! REGISTER HERE