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Influence Expansion:How to Leverage and Grow Your Influence to Drive Real Business Growth (workshop)

Lena WestSpeaker: Lena L. West, founder and CEO, XynoMedia and top 30 entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter

For many, influence is seen in a negative light. People associate it with manipulation and “smoke and mirrors” techniques, but in reality, influence is one of the top traits we have to offer. Your clients compensate you with the expectation that you’ll be able to influence them and their business for growth. The media hopes that including you in their story will influence more people to read their piece. Your team looks for you to influence the direction of the company for everyone’s benefit. The trouble is, many executives either don’t exercise their influence muscles enough or they go overboard and become pushy. This session will show you how to:

  • Redefine influence in a way that helps you drop the negative connotations and get on with implementing influence in your business;
  • Impact bottom line results;
  • Look for the hidden sources of influence in your business and life;
  • Identify the people who influence you and who you influence (critical to understand if you want to make a mark); and
  • Strike the right balance between influencing and being influenced

Host: Allyson Peerman, corporate vice president, Public Affairs, AMD and president, AMD Foundation