Leymah Gbowee at the 2013 Texas Conference for Women

“We all have power in us to change the tide.” Leymah Gbowee, 2011 Nobel Peace Laureate

Texas Conference for Women keynote Leymah Gbowee received a standing ovation for her powerful speech, in which she shared her own story as a Liberian peace activist, and how it’s possible for anyone to make a difference.

“The power of possibility. It’s only possible if you decide I’m going to step out and do something…It is possible for us to make a change. It is possible for us to turn our upside down world upright…You have the power. Let’s make it possible for some girl, some woman, to dream.”

  • Peggye Williams Mills

    She is wonderful. I hope this video goes viral. I am truly inspired by her message. I am certain others will be so touched.

  • I saw her speak at TED: She’s an incredible person, woman, activist, and soul. I hope her work continues to inspire others — especially governments and influential decision-makers — to work harder towards peace worldwide.

  • Shawnda Ewing

    I saw her speak at the TX Women’s Conference and read her book. She truly is an inspiring person. She inspired me to go out into my community and start helping the homeless. In the beginning it was just me and now one has grown into seven. Seven may not seem like a lot but it’s only been less than a month and I know we’ll continue to grow. Thank you Ms. Gbowee!