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My Happiest Moments, by Bobbie Weiner

by Bobbie Weiner, aka “Bloody Mary”

One of my biggest accomplishments this past year was publishing my autobiography. “I Can Do This: The Bloody Mary Story” took me two years to write, and it was picked up immediately. What makes us happy is when some one validates you—pats you on the back and endorses what you are doing or thinking of doing. There is no greater thrill than that, especially for a creative person.


I had many doubts in the beginning of my reinventing “Bobbie” but kept going forward. I had a goal, and the only way I would achieve it is if I did not look in the rearview mirror. I believed in myself enough to say God was in charge and I just had to take the steps. Maybe it is a little luck, but to be successful in this day and age is one of the happiest moments I can share with anyone, and also spreading the love helps me to be happy. Giving back is a must! I have contracts with the U.S. Government to make Camouflage Face Paint for our soldiers. When I go to an Army Base and face paint the kids of our soldiers for a whole day, 8 hours with a ½ hour lunch break, it is the best not only for the kids who wait up to 2 hours or more, but for me also.