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No Risk, No Reward: Taking the Risk to Do What You Want With Your Career

Ever wanted to take that big chance? The huge jump between what you feel you should do and what you deep-down really want to do can be overwhelming. This panel will help you navigate your fears and learn to take chances in your career that may or may not work out, but will always help you grow.

THOUGHT LEADER: Mary Spio, CEO, Next Galaxy Media & author, It’s Not Rocket Science

Major MJ Hegar, author & Foreign Policy magazine’s 100 Leading Global Thinker
Rochelle Rae, founder, Rae Cosmetics
Amie Sikes, co-founder, Junk Gypsy
Jolie Sikes, co- founder, Junk Gypsy

HOST: Colette Pierce Burnette, Ed.D., president & CEO, Huston-Tillotson University