Daring Greatly with Brené Brown on “Katie”

What would you do if you knew you could not fail? That’s the question our keynote Brené Brown posed on Katie Couric’s new talk show this week. Brené says that daring to make yourself feel vulnerable can change the way we live and love. And she promises us that she’s not overselling the impact being vulnerable can have on your life.


Her new book “Daring Greatly” is getting a huge response! Don’t miss Brené Brown’s keynote at the Oct. 24 Texas Conference for Women, and let us know: What would YOU do if you knew you could not fail?

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The New Art of Conference Networking: Free Webcast

There’s no such thing as small talk! Learn how to find where our lives connect and take a fresh look at conference networking in this video, which explains why you should ask, and answer, five important questions before attending the Texas Conference for Women, or any conference:

1. Why am I going?
2. What is the bigger picture?
3. Who can help?
4. What do I need to learn?
5. Who can I tell?

You’ll learn how to engage before, during and after the event; use social media and other technology tools; be prepared mentally; be solution-focused and turn those hashtags into handshakes!

Video by Mike Bruny (@ambassadorbruny), speaker, life coach, author, bow-tie model and creator of the online course: The New Art of Conference Networking: #Hashtags To Handshakes™ .

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I’m Done! What’s Next?

The secret to living a more joyful and fulfilling life is doing more of what you love to do every day. 2012 Texas Conference for Women speaker Susan Tolles recently presented a webinar offering the steps to letting go of the things that drain your energy and enthusiasm for life, with the keys to discovering how to live with greater purpose. If you are stuck in neutral, it’s time to release your own emergency brake and plan an exhilarating ride for the future!

For webinar resources and downloads, click here

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Sharing Inspiration at the Texas Conference for Women

The team invited speakers, attendees, vendors and volunteers at the Texas Conference for Women on November 16 and 17 to “Have Their Say” by sharing what inspires them. Many thanks to The Glass Heel for putting together this video!

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A Special Invitation from Tory Johnson

Hey everyone–

I’m eager to meet you all in just two weeks at the Texas Conference for Women.

As you may know, on Wednesday, Nov. 16—the day before the Big Day—I’ve partnered with the Conference to deliver a Small Business Boot Camp for current and aspiring small business owners. Read More

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