Annie Clark at the 2016 TX Conference for Women

“At twentysomething we didn’t have any money. We could not afford a lawyer. But we found out that any civilian, anywhere, if they felt like their civil rights were violated, can file a federal complaint with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights. So we decided to do that.”—Annie Clark, co-founder, End Rape on Campus and subject of the documentary The Hunting Ground

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Nina Tassler at the 2016 TX Conference for Women

“Learning to accept and deal with fear can be empowering.”—Nina Tassler, advisor, former chairman, CBS Entertainment and author, What I Told My Daughter

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Erica Ariel Fox at the 2013 Texas Conference for Women

Yes, you can excel in your career AND have a decent quality of life. Here’s Harvard Law lecturer Erica Ariel Fox on the importance of saying “no” and why the Texas Conference for Women thrills her:

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Shirley C. Franklin at the 2013 Texas Conference for Women

“Women have a lot of the answers that the world needs.”
— Shirley Franklin, former mayor of Atlanta

Why aren’t there more women stepping up into executive leadership roles? Hear what Ms. Franklin had to say about the situation in the halls of the 2013 Conference:

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Sera Bonds at the 2013 Texas Conference for Women

Sera Bonds, executive director of Circle of Health International, was one of 2013’s most popular speakers. Hear her muse about mentoring and multitasking in this bite-sized interview:

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