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Persistence Pays Off

by Bobbie Weiner

As they say, slow and steady wins the race. When I was in makeup school, I wasn’t the most talented student—not by a long shot. But, you’d better believe I worked harder than the other students put together. I stayed for hours after class, studying the training tapes, when no one else did. Years later, the director of the school, Tate Holland, would continue to use my experience as an example to his students. In a newsletter sent to the Los Angeles School of Makeup students and alumni, he said “If there is one common component that I have noticed in successful makeup artists, it would be persistence. Persistence over talent, persistence over contacts, persistence over money. My favorite story on this subject is about a friend of mine and former student named Bobbie Weiner. The first thing I noticed about Bobbie was not her talent as a makeup artist but her positive attitude, enthusiasm and persistence. This lady could not be beat; whether it was a technique that she had trouble mastering in class or working her first non-paid job as a makeup artist, Bobbie persisted. If you have a goal in mind, persist until you achieve it. Resist the temptation to compare yourself to other people, feel defeated and throw in the towel. It might take years down the road, but at some point, your persistence Will Pay Off!”

Texas Conference for Women speaker Bobbie Weiner started a new career at 46, entering makeup school for the film and TV industry. After her first horror film, “Pumpkinhead II,” she was nicknamed “Bloody Mary” by the crew. Today Weiner owns and operates a multimillion-dollar makeup company.