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Rejuvenate Your Week with Your Fantastic

danielle forget shieldby Danielle Forget Shield

Rodeo time in Houston is nothing short of exciting. We’ve always looked forward to attending as many nights as possible to enjoy the rodeo and concerts. There was extra excitement in our house this year around Luke Bryan because my kids love to sing his song, “Shake it for me.” However, this year our children didn’t want to GO to the rodeo, they wanted to watch it on the Internet and supplement with YouTube Luke Bryan videos. What is happening? The experience of attending is being replaced by the comfort of home and a front-row computer seat. It got me thinking about the workplace and the desire to sit comfortably behind the computer screen instead of getting out and participating in things like networking, volunteering, new and different projects. It is easier to stay home or in your office than it is to throw yourself into an uncomfortable situation.
We might need to take some advice from Luke Bryan and get out there and ‘shake it.’ Metaphorically, of course. Get out there and show your stuff…what is one thing that you are FANTASTIC at? We all have at least one – your challenge is to know it, own it, declare it, and share it. So start today and use this plan this week:

TODAY: Write down what you are Fantastic at.
Day 2: Say it to yourself on your way to work, “I am Fantastic at …”
Day 3: Call someone (best friend, co-worker, spouse, mother, anyone) and tell them what you are Fantastic at. Use these words: “Mom, I am Fantastic at …”

Day 4: Tell someone in person – anyone works, even the person checking you out at the grocery store counts here. Use the words! “I am Fantastic at…”
Day 5: Tell your manager or a client what you are Fantastic at. You’ve been practicing all week. It’s going to be easier than you thought to work it into the conversation.

On Day 6, you’ll feel Fantastic!

Know It, Own It, Declare It, and Share It…start now.

Danielle Forget Shield is an author, professional speaker and president and co-founder of 825 Basics.