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Free Teleclass Jan. 22—Building Your Business with Melinda Emerson

Melinda EmersonTuesday, January 22, 2013 from 12:00 PM to 12:30 PM (CST)

Making the leap from corporate America to small business ownership doesn’t have to be overwhelming! On January 22, America’s favorite SmallBizLady, Melinda Emerson, will share her guaranteed strategies for making your small business a success. In an exclusive 30 minute teleconference, Melinda, the best-selling author of Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months: A Month-by-Month Guide to a Business That Works and host of the New York Times #SmallBizChat, will share with us her advice on everything from finding your niche to evaluating a business idea. Tele-class registrants will leave with a detailed, step-by-step plan to starting your own business and, of course, Melinda’s priceless words of wisdom. And, if you’re not available for the January 22 tele-class (or if you just want to listen to it again and again!), a recording of the event will be available to registrants after the event.

Don’t miss out: take the plunge with Melinda in 2013! REGISTER HERE

Call-in details will be sent in a confirmation email under the ‘event details’ section upon registration.

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Get immediate relief: energy leaks + enlightenment

Danielle-LaPortesmby Danielle LaPorte, 2012 speaker

the lock that always sticks
the client that can never remember what you said
that kink in your neck
slight allergies, slightly foggy head
the girl on the team who’s always cranky
those too-tight trousers
the way your partner greets you (s.he can do better)
the way you greet your partner (you can do better and you know it, and you want to)
those damn e-newsletters that are so tricky to unsubscribe from that you just hit delete and curse at the screen Read More

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When in Transition, Think Like a Trapeze Artist

Whitney-Johnsonsmby Whitney Johnson, 2012 speaker

“I’d like this to be a smooth transition.”  If you’ve ever been fired, you’ve likely heard a version of this oxy-moronic phrase.  Ralph Waldo Emerson said, “Beauty is the moment of transition, as if the form were just ready to flow into other forms.” But when one has just plunged into the abyss of a transition, beauty as a descriptor isn’t the first word that comes to mind.   Read More

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Reinvention for Women Over 50

Susan Tollessmby Susan Tolles, 2012 speaker

Women over 50 are changing themselves along with the world. Retirement is not even on their radar, and they are not going to stay home, go to book club, play bridge and watch the world go by as their mothers did at this age. That will come much later. Now, they are reinventing themselves for something better and taking on life with a new spirit and tenacity that is making them more visible, giving them new confidence and bringing excitement into what was once a dull life-stage for women their age. Read More

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How to Clean Out Your Inbox Without Guilt

lena-west-224x300by Lena West, 2012 speaker

E-mail is not dead. Just ask TechCrunch king, Michael Arrington. At one point Arrington revealed through his blog that he had over 2,400 unread e-mails in his inbox and another 721 unread messages in his Facebook inbox—well over two thousand unread messages. What is the world coming to if the technological elite can’t keep up? Read More

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