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Speakers’ Top Tips for Getting the Most Out of the Conference

After months of anticipation, the Oct. 24 Texas Conference for Women is finally upon us! We’re so excited to meet all of you in person – as are our illustrious speakers! We’re so excited, in fact, that we asked a few of them to share their top tips for making the most of this amazing opportunity. They’re as invested as you are in soaking up every ounce of conference goodness, so read on for their advice!

Alexis-Sclambergsm1-120x162Alexis Sclamberg: Follow your inspiration!

Last week, I listened as an author told me an incredible story. She was leaving the biggest publishing trade show of the year when she felt compelled to turn around and high tail it back to a particular publisher’s booth. She raced back in to the building to find the president of the publishing house standing there, without a crowd, free to talk. Before she knew it she had pitched a book idea and days later she had a book deal. You never know when or where inspiration will hit, but you always have the choice to follow that inner guidance. If you feel compelled to talk to someone or attend a certain event, go for it!

smaller-pynchon-120x131Victoria Pynchon: Network by building real relationships.

If approaching a stranger is difficult for you, take a look at the women standing alone at the periphery of the action. They’re dying for someone to approach them and say “hi.” Use easy openers to spark conversations. If someone has schooled you in an elevator pitch, please toss it out. Don’t sell yourself until you have some idea what your networking partner does, what challenges her business or profession faces, and what she hoped to learn by coming to the conference. Once you know something about your new conversation partner, search for commonalities – children, alma maters, professions, industries and even the weather is something you’ll likely have in common. Build a warm relationship before you suggest staying in touch, exchanging business cards, introducing one another to people likely to be of assistance and moving on to the next networking opportunity.

Lauren-Bergersm-120x162Lauren Berger:  Stay in touch with everyone you meet at the conference.

When you see someone speak, go up to them, introduce yourself. So many high-profile speakers are making themselves accessible to you. Take advantage of it. Take initiative and stay in touch!

There’s still time to register for the Oct. 24 Texas Conference for Women; don’t miss this opportunity!

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