Amber Allen

2019 Speaker
Amber Allen

AMBER ALLEN is CEO Double A Labs. She is a fanatic of emerging technologies and a gamer when she is not running the company. Allen envisions how to make the impossible possible for her clients. She develops immersive experiences for brands to reach (and keep) gaming, esports and entertainment enthusiasts that get talked about for years. If a brand is interested in exploring the latest in tech, experiential engagement tactics or live stream an event to reach an entire community, they come to Double A Labs. In the six years since founding the company, she and her team have created over one thousand global programs, with a roster of clients including AT&T, Blizzard, Fox, Roche-Genentech, and Warner Bros. She started Double A to build innovative new experiential experiences for the entertainment industry and has expanded into building immersive technologies for education and learning. @amberallen_aa

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