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Christine Durbin

2015 Speaker

CHRISTINE DURBIN, MS, LPC is a mind-body therapist with Cancer Treatment Centers of America, in Tulsa, O.K.  For Durbin, joining CTCA was a perfect match for her goals as a mind-body therapist. At CTCA in Tulsa, Durbin assists cancer patients coping with whatever challenges may arise during cancer treatment. As part of the mind-body medicine team, Durbin may recommend techniques to reduce stress, promote relaxation, strengthen family bonds, problem solve, or assist with everyday emotional issues. Durbin earned an M.S. in counseling from Northeastern State University, and a B.A. in psychology from Oral Roberts University. During her master’s degree training, Durbin worked as a family preservation specialist with Family & Children Services in Tulsa, where she provided supportive services to families. @ctca