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Debbie Saviano

2016 Speaker

DEBBIE SAVIANO is a social media strategist and an advocate for utilizing the power of on line platforms. She regularly speaks to audiences on the potential of a solid ROI – Return on INFLUENCE philosophy and how to have a clear and consistent message. Saviano transitioned from a successful career in education to social media, co-founding Women’s Leadership LIVE. Speaking, consulting and conducting LIVE Events enable Saviano and her two partners, Linda McMahon and Stacey Schieffelin, to remain close to those interested in continuing to learn and who wish to excel in their own leadership journey. Saviano believes we only have this “walk of life” but once and there are “no accidents”. Each person has skills and expertise to serve others and building and maintaining relationships allows for the connection to be made and social media is a conduit to make it all happen. @debbiesaviano