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Emily O’ Halloran

2018 Speaker

EMILY O’HALLORAN is the digital lead for the southwest region of Accenture. In her role, O’Halloran helps clients redefine how they serve connected customers and operate connected enterprises.  She has been working in the digital areas since 2000, where she first began helping clients use new digital channels to sell their products and services. O’Halloran spent several years as Accenture’s digital advertising lead, working with large traditional and digital media companies to build out their advertising sales capabilities and to scale their operations given the significant market growth. She then worked with a handful of utilities, industrial equipment, and chemical companies to transform their digital customer channels to be leading class by significantly improving the customer experience, driving more qualified leads, and reducing the cost to serve. She has also worked with oil and gas and consumer package goods clients to improve the manufacturing process through using advanced analytics, IoT, and mobility solutions. O’Halloran joined Accenture in 1994.  She earned a BA in management information systems and marketing from the University of Wisconsin, and an MBA from Columbia Business School. @accenture