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Jen Grogono

2012 Speaker

Jen Grogono is founder and chief executive officer of uStudio Inc. She  leads the company’s vision and strategy for its innovative virtual studio platform and cloud-based video management and distribution technologies. In 2006, Ms Grogono co-founded On Networks, where she served as president and chief content officer. Grogono also served as vice president of corporate marketing for Motive Inc. (now Alcatel). Grogono is a frequent speaker on industry panels related to the intersection of media, marketing and technology. Her early work in digital media has been recognized through industry awards and noted in business publications like the New York Times, Fortune and Wall Street Journal. In 2008, she contributed to Peachpit Press’s new media book, “Web Video: Making it Great, Getting it Noticed.” Grogono is a cum laude graduate of Boston College.