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Jennifer Wassum

2018 Speaker

JENNIFER WASSUM is the director of corporate IT program management with Visa, Inc. She is an accomplished product and program manager with more than fifteen years of experience helping technology teams exceed their goals and have fun doing it.  In her current role, Wassum focuses on cross-functional security and compliance projects.  In addition to her primary responsibilities, she is part of the leadership team for Visa Austin’s Women in Technology employee resource group which focuses on ensuring Visa female technologists have networking, development and advancement opportunities. Prior to Visa, Wassum worked at Caringo, Dell, Tangoe (formerly traq-wireless), and in roles across the full spectrum of the software product lifecycle. She is passionate about building quality tools and products with collaborative teams that work together through an iterative process that strives for operational efficiency. With a BA in sociology and an MS in teaching from Trinity University, Wassum started her career as a middle school English teacher, proving that your starting point is often just the first step on the way to a path you haven’t even envisioned. @visa