Kirsten Gappelberg

2016 Speaker

KIRSTEN GAPPELBERG is the director of corporate social responsibility and sustainability for global cosmetic giant, Mary Kay Inc. In this role, she is responsible for program development and strategic guidance for more than 35 international subsidiaries.  Gappelberg spearheads the company’s domestic violence portfolio of programs in the United States, including the development, execution and communication of these initiatives. She is especially proud of her work in the development of award winning public service announcements that help spread the company’s commitment to ending domestic violence. She also provides strategic direction on media relations activities that support these programs and serves as a corporate spokesperson for local and national media opportunities. Gappelberg is also the leader of Mary Kay’s sustainability program, Pink Doing Green. Gappelberg graduated from Southern Methodist University, where she studied communications, public relations and psychology. She earned a corporate citizenship professional certification from Boston College. She is a dedicated wife and mother to two small children, Madeline and Michael.  @marykay


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