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Kristal Braley – A New Beginning

2011 Speaker

Kristal Braley

A New Beginning

When I realized my son’s father did not take any opportunities to be a part of his life, I decided to concentrate on making our life better instead of concentrating on him. I placed my three-month-old son in the car seat and waved goodbye to Madison, WI. I did not know was in store for my family. I left with a goal to attend The University of Texas at Austin’s business school.

I am now the only single parent attending the business school for their undergraduate degree. I am majoring in consulting and change Management with a minor in accounting. It was a huge change from being a VP in my college’s chapter of Phi Theta Kappa, volunteering almost every week, and working two jobs to put myself through college. However, I may not have a lot of friends, have peers that understand I can’t pull all nighters or even have my own bedroom, but the rewards far outweigh the risk.