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Leslie Beasley

2014 Speaker

Leslie Beasley is the co-founder of Open Arms, a social enterprise committed to empowerment through employment for refugee women war survivors living in the United States.  Open Arms manufactures for private label companies who are like minded and are equally committed to people and the planet. Beasley is dedicated to empowering women and creating awareness that leads to action for positive change. Over the past two decades, she has been actively involved in a number of organizations that drive social change in the U.S. and abroad. She currently serves on the board of directors for Work for Life, an organization that assists African entrepreneurs in launching sustainable businesses to help eliminate poverty.  She has been invited to speak around the country on social enterprise, social change and creative solutions to social issues.  Beasley has been a guest lecturer on social enterprise for the past three years at the University of Texas.  She is committed to conscious consumerism and inspiring businesses to use their people, expertise and financial resources to make a positive impact.