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Maddie Highsmith

2017 Speaker

MADDIE HIGHSMITH is an enterprise account executive with Oracle Corporation. She is a true digital pioneer and powerhouse leader. With more than fifteen years of experience in executing enterprise grade brand advertising and ecommerce solutions, she maintains a focus on martech, commerce and adtech solutions. This technical expertise combined with her business strategy skills and innovative problem solving ability add up to drive results for her clients’ business and build their brand reputation. Highsmith’s organizational and technology consulting experience includes a wide array of clients in the private, public, political and humanitarian sectors. Her clients benefit from her unusually diverse background and experience. Highsmith’s guiding principle is, “YOUR brand is your single most important business asset.” Clients choose her as a strategic partner and consultant because she is experienced in combining people, process, and technology to orchestrate real world solutions and actions. She believes in solutions that are smarter and streamlined to deliver the right messages, at the right time, in the right channels –to bring about the right actions with each customer. @oracle