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Mary Ellen Kassotakis

2022 Speaker

MARY ELLEN KASSOTAKIS is the executive director of Oracle women’s Leadership (OWL). Kassotakis and her team are dedicated to develop, engage, and empower the current and future generations of women leaders at Oracle. Kassotakis has held various positions in human resources—mostly focused on professional learning & development. As a certified coach, she is particularly passionate about advocating for an inclusive workplace and has published research on women in leadership as well as a book on the organization impact of social media. Most recently Kassotakis served as a board member for Leadership California and she is a past president of the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI). Her academic background includes a doctorate from the University of Southern California. Kassotakis’ personal life is centered on her husband, adult children, and elderly mother. She also enjoys going on walks with her two chihuahuas as well as occasional golf.