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Nikki Drummond

2012 Speaker

Nikki Drummond is a Certified Clinical Nutritionist (CCN) specializing in the field of neuroscience. As the founder and CEO of NeuroFit Nutrition™, she is known for her expertise in the field of clinical nutrition and neurochemical physiology. Since 1998, Drummond has become known as a speaker, instructor and educational writer in the healthcare field. She has held various leadership roles teaching the public, patients, professionals and physicians how to utilize leading-edge nutritional techniques in the treatment and prevention of various conditions that originate at the cellular level. Several milestones distinguish Drummond’s career including: the creation of therapeutic lifestyle education programs, leading an esteemed practitioner network by providing interpretation of laboratory data and consistently empowering individuals looking for the “missing link” on their journey to better health when other options have failed them. In addition to her private practice, she has developed corporate wellness plans, complete with on-site testing, for local companies and has given seminars for organizations such as Whole Foods Market and the Texas Department of Health. She has also been a featured guest on several Austin area radio shows.