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Randall Wright, M.D.

2014 Speaker

Randall Wright, M.D. is first and foremost a family man, committed to his wife and two children and the larger community that revolves around his church, neighborhood and hospital clinic.  He is a neurologist is the Misher Neurological Institute, in the Woodlands Texas. Dr. Wright has established himself on the national stage through his continued work with the Amercan Heart Association, first being named to Texas State Advocacy Committee in 2006.  In 2011, he was asked to serve as chairman of the Stroke Committee for the American Heart Association’s Southwestern affiliate. In this role, Dr. Wright leads the fight against stroke across six states by setting AHA priorities for stroke care for hospitals, stroke legislation, and developing protocols for the stroke chain of survival in those states. Dr. Wright is the author of a book entitled “The Wright Choice – Your Family Prescription for Healthy Eating, Modern Fitness, & Saving Money.” He has developed a comprehensive life style guidance program that walks individuals through 10 vital steps from a life of vague health practices to one where their life styles goals are clear and they have enacted the vital behaviors needed to sustain long term cardiovascular health. Dr. Wright earned a physics from Xavier University of Louisiana, a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology, and a medical doctorate degree from Emory University School of Medicine. He completed his internship at Louisiana State University and a residency at Baylor College of Medicine, with a fellowship in their Department of Neurology.