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Simone Krasan

2011 Speaker

Simone Scialdo Krasan

Simone Scialdo Krasan is an inspirational speaker who shares her own near-death experience in hopes of helping others find inner strength when facing difficulty, even life threatening, challenges. In 1991, Krasan fell overboard a cruise ship and plummeted 40 feet into the Adriatic Sea. Through determination, composure and faith she survived 18 hours before miraculously being rescued. Her story has appeared in news publications internationally, in Women’s World magazine, and she appeared on “The Oprah Show.” Today, Krasan is happily married and raising three children in Austin, TX. She feels that she is living the life that she envisioned – and which kept her fighting for her life – during those long hours of treading water 20 years ago. She continues to use the life lessons gained from this event to live more fully and in the moment. She is currently writing a book about her experience.