Susan Rietano Davey

2019 Speaker
Susan Reitano Davey

SUSAN DAVEY RIETANO is co-founder and owner of Prepare to Launch, LLC, which provides guidance to women on their journeys back to work after opting out for family. She began her career on the executive track at Xerox Corporation, where she moved rapidly up the ranks, earning top performance honors along the way. Recognizing the need for more flexible work options after becoming a mother, Davey joined Flexible Resources, Inc., the original flexible work consulting and staffing firm. Over two decades, she helped establish FRI as the industry expert on flexible work, while helping countless women find flexible jobs that enabled them to excel at work and at home. In 2016, she met her now-partner, Kelley Biskupiak, at a women’s conference where both were speakers. Recognizing their complimentary coaching/consulting skills, they joined forces to create a definitive ‘back to work’ course called Prepare to Launch U, which is now available online. @prepare2launchu

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