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Tania F. Dixon

2020 Speaker
Tania Dixon

TANIA F. DIXON is the manager of employee engagement of UnitedHealthcare Community (UHC) & State’s Texas Health Plan. She has been with UnitedHealthcare since 2012. In this role, she is responsible for the engagement of 1,100+ staff through communication and special program initiatives. with training and development programs for leaders, where she often serves as a facilitator. Dixon is actively engaged and passionate about the company culture and co-leads a workstream to engage ambassadors throughout the enterprise. She also serves on the community and state inclusion and diversity council and is the chair for the diversity council within the Texas Health Plan. Prior to joining UHC, Dixon served as a project coordinator in scientific training for a pharmaceutical company and spent years as an advisor to a college campus event planning board at a university. Dixon received a MPA from California State University, Northridge in Northridge, California. @uhc