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Terry P. Mitchell

2018 Speaker

TERRY P. MITCHELL prides herself in being the steer-head and foundation to multiple organizations. E’lon & Company develops software and mobile technologies, Enhance Body Sculpting is a medical spa, The Austin Socialite is an events, marketing, and media firm, and finally, Glam Hair Only is an international hair extensions franchise. Very early on, Mitchell knew she would be an entrepreneur, as her family is filled with self-made successors and risk takers. Raised by a single mother and with two siblings, she realized the power and strength of a woman very early on. Because of this conditioning, Mitchell has grown up with the belief and proof that hard work, resilience and persistence brings limitless possibilities. She put herself through college, graduating from the University of Texas at Austin, and earned a BS in corporate communications and certification in business foundations. Directly after graduation, she was recruited to help boost several Fortune 500 companies. Now, Mitchell is expanding her very own empire, all the while, developing her expertise in the areas of marketing, sales, business development, strategic planning, community outreach, youth engagement and public affairs.