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Tiffany Harelik

2012 Speaker

Tiffany Harelik is a fourth generation Austinite , serving up the American Dream one plate at a time. She writes cookbooks about iconic food trucks and trailers.  Harelik is inspired by her great-grandfather Haskell Harelik who came to the states as a Russian immigrant and opened a banana food-cart in the early 1900’s. His entrepreneurial endeavor with the food cart ultimately led to opening five general stores in central Texas.  His and other similar stories are why she writes the “Trailer Food Diaries.”  Joined by her best friend and food truck entrepreneur, Maurine Winkley, the girls put their aprons on to add jams and sauces to the “Trailer Food Diaries” collection in the fall of 2012. Harelik earned a masters’ degree in health psychology, and also has a background in festival production.