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Tina Pennington

2011 Speaker

Tina Pennington is the “Red” of Red & Black. Her prior career had been full-time mom, but her husband getting fired was the catalyst that forced her to face reality and take control of her life. Pennington, who likes to refer to herself as a “mere mortal,” initially thought she was stupid because she was 40 years old and had managed to avoid learning many important life lessons, but she soon realized she had merely been sheltered. After getting a degree in theater arts from Wake Forest University in North Carolina, Pennington moved back in with her parents until she married an outgoing Englishman and followed his career around the globe. The book she co-authored with her sister, Mandy Williams, “What I Learned About Life When My Husband Got Fired!,” was launched by Neiman Marcus, but soon became the basis of a Personal Finance & Life 101 program Red & Black developed and taught at KIPP Houston High School. The book has been approved by the Texas State Board of Education as a personal financial literacy textbook. Although she considers herself, first and foremost, a mom, Pennington is also an author, columnist, public speaker and teacher. To learn more about Red & Black, go to