2020 Conference

Get an Instant Mood Boost with our 2020 Playlist!

Attendees always ask about the music we play between phenomenal women on our keynote stage—so we’ve started making a playlist for you!

Keynote Recap: Melinda Gates on the Future of Gender Equality

Global philanthropist Melinda Gates spoke with media executive and TEDWomen co-founder Pat Mitchell during the 2020 Texas Conference for Women. Here are the highlights of the conversation, lightly edited for brevity and clarity: Pat Mitchell: The pandemic has been adversely and disproportionately impacting women; and some are worried that, because of this, we are experiencing a backward slide on gender equality. What is your response to this?  Melinda Gates: “Absolutely, … [ more ]

Keynote Recap: Issa Rae Shares What Has Helped Her Succeed as a Leader and Entrepreneur

Producer, actress, and writer Issa Rae spoke with Laysha Ward, Target’s EVP & chief external engagement officer, during the 2020 Texas Conference for Women. Here are the highlights of the conversation, lightly edited for brevity and clarity: Laysha Ward: How did you learn how to be a successful entrepreneur and leader? Issa Rae: “I think once people see that you are serious about you, you’re serious about your product, serious … [ more ]

Attendee Email: Find Your Dream Job at the Conference

The Career Pavilion Sponsored by The Texas Conference for Women is thrilled to join forces with Liberty Mutual Insurance to bring you this year’s Virtual Career Pavilion! Stop by to take advantage of multiple unique opportunities to enhance your career skills and position yourself for that job: Sign up for 1:1 résumé review and career coaching sessions. Sessions will take place via videoconference. Appointments are limited and first-come, first-served, so … [ more ]

Attendee Email: How to Log in & Navigate the Virtual Texas Conference for Women

It’s getting close! In order to maximize your time enjoying the conference this Thursday, we’ve put together some handy information for you to begin digesting now. How to Log In Click here to access the virtual conference environment and begin setting up your attendee profile right away: https://cfw.6connex.com/event/txconferenceforwomen/login   Log in using the email address with which you originally registered.* The email field is case-sensitive and must match your registration … [ more ]

Make Conference Day Lunch with Celebrity Chef Ellen Bennett!

Because tacos aren’t just for Tuesday, we’re bringing you a quick & tasty cooking demonstration during the Conference Day lunch break on Thursday, October 1st. Attendees: If you’d like to prepare carne asada (or a vegan mushroom asada) and guac along with chef and kitchenwear entrepreneur Ellen Bennett, be sure you’re logged in and in the Keynote room by 12:50pm Central Time on the 1st. A Note from Ellen: Hi!  … [ more ]

Attendee Email: What to Expect

What to Expect from the Virtual Texas Conference for Women Sent September 22, 2020 We’re nine days out from the first-ever Virtual Texas Conference for Women on October 1st, and we’re busy putting finishing touches on a program that will help you feel inspired, empowered, and connected.   Keep an eye out for our emails over the next week—they’ll contain important information about how to participate in this year’s conference, … [ more ]