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Podcast: Optimize Brand You—and Boost Your Career

Licht, AlizasmIn the new workplace, a strong personal brand is key to a successful career. In this 30-minute talk, Aliza Licht, author of Leave Your Mark: Land Your Dream Job. Kill It in Your Career. Rock Social Media, discusses the importance of brand and how to communicate and build yours—whether you’re just starting out or mid-career. Click Play or read the full transcript below. Read More


Branding & Perception: How to Maximize How You Are Perceived by Others

How people perceive you is essential to success. And with the onslaught of social media and 24/7 business, the opportunities to mold that perception is constant. This panel of experts will teach you how to create your unique and impactful brand and then market it appropriately. Attendees will learn how to shape this perception around your already-formed personality. And once formed, how do you leverage your unique personality quirks to be desired, impactful and successful? Read More


The Skills You Need to Build Your Career

What are the skills you won’t see on a job description, but that are essential to your success? Most of these skills are not going to be learned in a classroom, but are integral to career growth. A panel of executives from different industries will help you identify the skills you might be missing, where you can apply your current skills and supplement your education to prepare for future opportunities. Read More


Optimize Brand You—and Boost Your Career (with Aliza Licht)

Aliza Licht 270x270Optimize Brand You—and Boost Your Career
Tuesday, October 27th, 2015
12:00-12:30pm CDT

Eventbrite - Optimize Brand You—and Boost Your Career (with Aliza Licht)

In the new workplace, a strong personal brand is key to a successful career. Read More

12 Reasons More Women Should Be at the Wheel

Of course, we’re not exactly unbiased on the topic of female power and primacy. We’re also not trying to instigate some global insurgency or battle of the sexes. But we do believe we’ve identified a new gender gap: women are better at running things like, say, the world. To back up our theory, we turned to upcoming speakers. Here’s how they completed the sentence: “When a woman is in charge….” Read More

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