Linda Cliatt-Wayman

Linda Cliatt Wayman at the 2016 TX Conference for Women

“My primary responsibility became to instill hope in a group of children who had lost all hope.”—Linda Cliatt Wayman, principal, Strawberry Mansion High School

Linda Cliatt-Wayman on How to Lead, Be Brave and Get Things Done

Before Linda Cliatt-Wayman was the principal of Strawberry Mansion High School, she was the assistant superintendent overseeing all 52 public high schools in Philadelphia. In other words, to take the helm of Strawberry Mansion High, she demoted herself. What’s more, she took the step down to work at a school that had the most-challenging-to-teach teenagers (three schools were being merged into one), in an impoverished and gang-ridden neighborhood.

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