Myrna Estrada

Staying Afloat Without Risking Your Career | That’s A Good Question

The pandemic brought new meaning to the “sandwich generation,” leaving women, in particular, stretched thinner than ever. This month’s listener finds herself in a seemingly impossible situation: She’s the family breadwinner caring for two young children, a husband with a chronic illness, elderly parents—and she just got a promotion at work. How can she manage to stay afloat and keep all these balls in the air without risking her career? … [ more ]

2017 Session | Working with Difficult People: Navigating Different Personalities for Career Success

Your work day is filled with them—people who frustrate, impede, maneuver, undermine, plot, connive, and whine. This session will detail specific techniques for handling all of them, with easy-to-follow scenarios for every situation. Taking into account the modern issues that play into our work, including technology, generation gaps, and language barriers, researcher Amy Cooper Hakim and a panel of executives who have expertly handled many of these situations, will guide … [ more ]