Sheryl Adkins-Green

Design the Time of Your Life

Sheryl Adkins-GreenBy Sheryl Adkins-Green, Chief Marketing Officer, Mary Kay Inc.

Friendly warning: This article is not about planning a dream vacation or the ultimate party. If however, you want to create more time to invest in your professional and personal goals, please keep reading. Time is truly priceless. Money can’t buy it, and once it’s spent, you can never get it back. You already know the wide variety of career, family and social demands that compete for your time and attention, so I won’t waste time describing why there never seems to be enough hours in a day. Instead, I will jump straight in and share a framework that I’ve used successfully. I call it “Designing Time.” Whenever my schedule cannot accommodate all that I want and need to do, I design my time utilizing the following blueprint: Read More

Reviving Your Career: Actionable Steps to Achieve a Professional Renaissance

Whether you have stepped off the path you hoped to be on or are returning having temporarily stepped out of the workplace, this session will look at what you can do to avoid or overcome a plateau, revive your trajectory and find ways to follow your passion. Even star performers feel stuck at some point in their careers as promotions don’t come as easy as they used to. No matter where you are, you will learn to identify your personal and professional gaps and walk away with actionable advice from career expert Kerry Hannon, corporate professionals and a team of panelists who have spent their careers focused on this topic. They will share stories of real women who have experienced and overcome barriers, biases and obstacles, and who have ultimately revived their careers and achieved a professional renaissance. Read More

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