Wendy Wallbridge

Spiraling Upward: The 5 Co-Creative Powers for Women on the Rise

The linear, heads-down, forward-at-all-cost approach to success that has been forged by men doesn’t work for many women. But until now there hasn’t been another choice. Wendy Wallbridge’s approach to success offers a cogent, step-by-step roadmap for professional women to unlock their power and achieve success on their own terms. The “Spiral Up” method teaches women to cultivate the five co-creative powers of energy, thoughts, feelings, speech and action — the fundamentals of self-creation … [ more ]

12 Reasons More Women Should Be at the Wheel

Of course, we’re not exactly unbiased on the topic of female power and primacy. We’re also not trying to instigate some global insurgency or battle of the sexes. But we do believe we’ve identified a new gender gap: women are better at running things like, say, the world. To back up our theory, we turned to upcoming speakers. Here’s how they completed the sentence: “When a woman is in charge….”