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The Creative and Innovative Leader: Moving from Idea Generation to Action (panel)

Moderator: Patti Johnson, CEO, PeopleResults

Panelist 1: Siobhan Fallon, author, You Know When the Men are Gone
Panelist 2: Sue Chen, founder and CEO, Nova Medical Products
Panelist 3: Bryony Gomez-Palacio, founder, Under Consideration
Panelist 4: Carla Thompson, CEO and founder, Sharpskirts

Creativity and innovation are often interchanged as the same – but innovation is not creativity. Creativity is about coming up with an original idea and innovation is about executing that idea into a reality. The greatest leaders need to exhibit and foster creativity and innovation in the workplace to succeed in today’s competitive, unstable and volatile climate. This dynamic panel discussion will bring you face-to-face with top innovators to share their experiences. Generating ideas and executing on those ideas is key to success whether you are in a corporate setting, in a small business or an entrepreneur waiting to break out. Attend this session and learn:

  • The difference between creativity and innovation
  • How to enable an environment that supports and encourages creativity and innovation
  • How to leverage a multi-generational workplace to increase innovation and bottom line results
  • Strategies to generate ideas and turn them into action

Host: Mary Ellen Dugan, executive director, Global Brand & Advertising, Dell