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The New Art of Conference Networking: Free Webcast

There’s no such thing as small talk! Learn how to find where our lives connect and take a fresh look at conference networking in this video, which explains why you should ask, and answer, five important questions before attending the Texas Conference for Women, or any conference:

1. Why am I going?
2. What is the bigger picture?
3. Who can help?
4. What do I need to learn?
5. Who can I tell?

You’ll learn how to engage before, during and after the event; use social media and other technology tools; be prepared mentally; be solution-focused and turn those hashtags into handshakes!

Video by Mike Bruny (@ambassadorbruny), speaker, life coach, author, bow-tie model and creator of the online course: The New Art of Conference Networking: #Hashtags To Handshakes™ .