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The Objective Leader: How to Leverage the Power of Seeing Things As They Are

We are all subjective — it’s human nature. We overreact to situations; we judge people too quickly and unfairly; we take something personally when it was not really meant that way. As a result, we lose relationships, reputation, money and peace of mind. And in our ever-more-complex world, leaders must make decisions faster and with more conflicting information; widespread insecurity makes people territorial and risk-averse; and the consequences of every action are played out on a disproportionately large stage. To succeed, we must consciously seek to increase our objectivity — seeing and accepting things as they are without projecting our mental models, fears, background and personal experiences onto them. In this session, Elizabeth Thornton will share her research and offer proven strategies for identifying limiting and unproductive ways of thinking and creating powerful new mental models that ensure continued success.

SPEAKER: Elizabeth Thornton, author, The Objective Leader