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Transitions and Risk Taking: Lessons Learned While Becoming Brave

Are you looking to start a second career, but nervous about what to do? Have you been in finance for a decade and scared to change industries, but desperately need a change? Do you want to retire, but fear the uncertainty of the extra hours in a day? Are you scared to leave the stability of corporate America to fulfill your inner entrepreneur? Have you taken years off to care for your family and worry about re-entering and managing the demands of a fast-paced workplace? Are you scared of heights, but desperately want to rock climb?

Taking risks and stepping outside of your comfort zone can be stressful, challenging and downright scary! Fear isn’t an end point, though; it’s a point of entry to a life of incomparable joy. Join Patty Chang Anker, author of Some Nerve, together with a panel of real-world women, as they share their experiences and lessons learned while becoming brave. Attendees will leave with practical advice for overcoming their fears, taking risks, and successfully taking the plunge and making a transition personally or professionally.

Thought Leader: Patty Chang Anker, author, Some Nerve 

Panel of Experts:
1. Debbie Jones, founder, French Laundry, North Carolina
2. Cathy Kangas, founder, PRAI
3. Leticia Watts, Americas’ region LSC finance manager, lubricants, Shell
4. Stacy Zoern, founder, Kenguru

Host: Cindy Goldsberry, managing partner, ZFactor Group, and author, ZFactor Sales Acceleration