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The Zen of Being Digital: Your Guide to a Healthy Tech Diet Podcast

aliza sherman“We have surrendered to our technology,” said Aliza Sherman in the Conference for Women’s free teleclass, “The Zen of Being Digital: Your Guide to a Healthy Tech Diet.”

While smart phones and tablets are infiltrating every corner of our lives, it’s important to “unplug” from our devices. To do so, understand how you interact with technology, set achievable goals and follow some simple steps to set limits and create tech-free spaces, says Sherman. The result? Healthier relationships with those around you.

Here are three quick tips to help you create a healthier balance with technology:

1.  Turn off your devices and try an alternative activity: write a letter instead of text/email, make art with real art supplies, engage in real play activities with your kids, wear a watch to tell the time, take a walk, use a real camera instead of your phone.

2.  After work hours, there is really no reason to compulsively check your phone. Leave it out of sight or turn it off.

3.  Create tech-free spaces in your home: at the dinner table, during family time, in your bedroom, etc.

What tactics do you use to help you turn off technology?

Click the link below to listen to the full 30-minute podcast.

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